SEED CLASS シード クラス
30 Minutes |0-3歳| 4 lessons per month

The main emphasis in our seed lessons is "having fun in English".  Communicating in English and playing in English. Each lesson will include greetings, activities for learning the alphabet and numbers and a topic which changes every month.

毎月のテーマに合わせた英語の歌や踊りを取り入れたレッスン お母さんと一緒に英語をたくさん聞いて英語の音(発音)に慣れていきます
PRICE: 6500 yen

50 minutes | 4-6歳 | 4 lessons per month

Treehouse Seedling classes are focused on all four skills LISTENING, SPEAKING, READING and WRITING. It is important that they learn the basics of reading through the use of PHONICS, which will allow the student to be able to pronounce words even if they don't understand it. The students will also start writing the upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet. Each month there is a topic which will include a new set of vocabulary and grammar point. During the later stages of the seedling class, lessons will include a short worksheet produced by Treehouse to confirm their understanding and to understand how much they know.

歌、ゲーム、クラフトなどを通して楽しさを感じながら会話の基礎をしっかりいていきます。挨拶や簡単な会話の練習を繰り返し行います。 また、ワークブックではアルファベットを書く練習も始まり、つづりと発音のつながりを「フォニックス」で学びます。 ※フォニックスー音と文字の関係の規則性。これを学ぶことにより 英語の読み・書きが身に付くと言われています
PRICE: 8500 yen

50 minutes | 7歳~ | 4 lessons per month

In the sapling stage. We use a wide range of activities, such as games, cards, movement and songs. During the earlier stages, students will start from three letter words and move to more complex words. They will also learn the basic grammar structures which are key to communication and words which are based on topics.  In the latter stages of the Sapling curriculum, they will be building on the vocabulary that they already know, in preparation for junior high or the Eiken test. (which they will be able to take at our school)

テーマに沿った単語や文章をゲームなどのアクティビティを通して楽しみながらたくさん発話し身につけます。カードやテキストを使ってフォニックスに重点を置き文章の読み、書きの練習も始めます。3つのレベルに分かれており、生徒ひとりひとりに 合ったクラスで安心してしっかり身につけていくことができます。
PRICE: 8500 yen

50 minutes | 中学生~| 3人まで | 4 lessons per month

Tree Lessons, will focus mainly on communication and the expression of their own ideas. We encourage all our students to communicate as much as possible about what they did last week, or what they will do. Part of the lesson will be tailored to the students needs, whether this would be for Eiken, Junior high school or High School tests, TOEIC or TOEFL.

1ヶ月に1テーマをしっかり理解しながら学んでいきます。また、復習の月を2ヶ月に1度設定しリスニングテストや2ヶ月間で学んだ単語や文章を確認や、ロールプレイなどで実際に使ってより実践的な会話力も身につけていきます。英語の試験にも挑戦してみよう!(児童英検、英検、TOEIC Bridge、TOEICなど)
PRICE: 8500 yen